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  • A Hialeah car accident can result in severe injuries and tragedies.
  • Victims must contact an attorney to have the best chance of obtaining fair compensation.
  • A skilled lawyer knows how to investigate a collision to gather evidence and assess liability thoroughly.
  • The personal injury attorney must begin the investigation as soon as possible before critical evidence disappears.

Many long-time residents of Hialeah view our city as a paradise, and rightfully so. Unfortunately, our area has seen its share of car accidents. If you suffered an injury in a Hialeah car accident caused by another driver, you’ll need a personal injury attorney’s help to obtain fair compensation.

A Hialeah car accident lawyer with Werner, Hoffman, Greig & Garcia is ready to provide that help. We deeply understand Florida’s personal injury law and know how to help clients get what they deserve. You can schedule a free case evaluation by contacting us online or calling (800) 320-HELP.

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Car Accident Statistics In Hialeah

Hialeah has a population of more than 224,000 people and provides access to every major highway in Miami-Dade County. No matter where you are in our city, you can easily get to the following:

  • U.S. 27
  • The Florida Turnpike
  • I-75

Regardless of your location in Hialeah, you’re only about a 20-mile car ride from any city in the county.

Unfortunately, that access typically means many people are on our city’s roads at any given time. That means there’s always a risk of wrecks. There were 13,579 Hialeah car accidents in 2023 that led to 24 tragic deaths and 118 severe injuries.

As disturbing as those numbers are, they’re an improvement over recent years. In 2018, for instance, 33 people died in Hialeah car accidents, and 179 were severely hurt.

Serving All Hialeah’s Local Neighborhoods

At WHG, we are proud to represent Hialeah drivers who have been injured in car accidents, as well as those from surrounding areas like North Miami Beach and further south in areas like Kendall.

Local Cities Local Zip Codes
  • West Hialeah
  • Palm Springs Estates
  • Palm Springs
  • Central Hialeah
  • Seminola
  • Miami Springs
  • East Hialeah
  • 33010
  • 33011
  • 33012
  • 33013
  • 33014
  • 33015
  • 33016
  • 33018

Top 3 Dangerous Miami-Dade County Intersections

Half of Hialeah’s car accident fatalities, and nearly half of all injuries, occurred at intersections. If you drive in Hialeah – or anywhere else in Miami-Dade County, for that matter, you’re going to encounter some dangerous intersections. Here are a few to avoid if possible.

  • Hialeah Garden Boulevard and Okeechobee Road (US 27) (Hialeah Gardens) – At one time, this was actually one of the most dangerous intersections in the country, according to TIME Magazine. It’s still an area you want to stay away from if you can.
  • South Flamingo Road and Pines Boulevard (Pembroke Pines) – This is another intersection that ranked among the worst in the country. Thankfully, however, recent improvements have helped reduce fatal accidents.
  • Northeast Second Avenue and 36th Street (Miami) – Pedestrians commonly use this intersection in the heart of Miami. That makes it very dangerous for anyone in the area.

How a Personal Injury Attorney Investigates a Hialeah Car Accident Case

You’ll need a Hialeah car accident lawyer for many reasons if you’ve suffered an injury due to another driver’s negligence. In fact, reaching out to a lawyer is one of the first things to do after a car accident. One of the biggest is that your attorney must investigate the wreck immediately.

Collecting and preserving evidence is crucial to building a strong case for seeking compensation for injuries and damages. This evidence includes witness statements, police reports, and medical records, among other documents.

Attorneys play a vital role in assisting accident victims with this process, obtaining and preserving all relevant evidence. Here’s a quick look at how investigations typically proceed.

Gathering Witness Statements

Witness statements are valuable evidence that can corroborate the victim’s account of the accident. Eyewitnesses who observed the events leading up to the crash can provide critical information about the at-fault driver’s behavior, road conditions, and traffic violations.

Attorneys can help accident victims locate and interview witnesses, record their statements, and accurately document their testimonies in legal proceedings.

Obtaining the Police Report

Police reports are essential documents generated by law enforcement officers who respond to the accident scene. These reports typically contain details about the parties involved, the location and time of the accident, statements from drivers and witnesses, and any citations or violations issued.

Your Hialeah car accident lawyer can obtain copies of police reports and review them carefully to identify key facts and potential legal issues relevant to the case.

Medical Records

Medical records provide critical documentation of the car accident injuries accident victims sustain and the medical treatment they receive. These records may include hospital records, physician notes, diagnostic tests, and rehabilitation reports.

Attorneys can help accident victims gather and organize their medical records, ensuring that all injuries are properly documented and attributed to the Hialeah car accident. This information is essential for proving the extent of the victim’s injuries and the associated medical expenses when seeking compensation.

Other types of evidence, such as photographs of the accident scene, vehicle damage, and physical injuries, can also strengthen a case.

By collecting and preserving evidence effectively, Hialeah auto accident attorneys can build a compelling case for their clients. In turn, this increases their chances of obtaining fair compensation for their injuries and damages. This evidence substantiates the victim’s claims, establishes liability, and demonstrates the extent of their losses.

Speak to a Werner, Hoffman, Greig & Garcia Car Accident Attorney In Hialeah to Learn More

After a car accident, speaking with a Hialeah car accident attorney as soon as possible is essential. An auto accident attorney can provide immediate guidance on how to protect your legal rights. They can also preserve evidence before it disappears.

At WHG, our team will handle communications with insurance companies on your behalf. While you focus on healing, we will channel our efforts into maximizing your compensation. Our team has valuable litigation experience trying personal injury lawsuits, which may be necessary to push for a settlement that is in your best interest.

Find out how a Werner, Hoffman, Greig & Garcia Hialeah car accident lawyer can help you get the money you have coming. Schedule a free consultation by using our online form or calling (800) 320-HELP.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the potential challenges in collecting witness statements after a car accident?

Potential challenges include witnesses leaving the scene, unreliable memory recall, and difficulty locating witnesses afterward.

How can attorneys ensure the authenticity and accuracy of police reports obtained for a case?

Attorneys can ensure the authenticity and accuracy of police reports by verifying the information with multiple sources, cross-referencing details with other evidence, and challenging any discrepancies through legal channels.

Can social media posts and electronic communications serve as evidence in car accident cases?

Yes, if they’re relevant to the issues at hand. However, their admissibility may depend on authenticity, relevance, and whether they’re subject to legal challenges such as privacy concerns.

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