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  • Traumatic brain injuries can have wide-ranging effects on your physical, mental, and emotional health.
  • Common causes include motor vehicle collisions, slip and falls, and workplace accidents.
  • Due to the cost and complexity of treating traumatic brain injuries, insurance claims or lawsuits can be difficult to navigate.
  • Working with a traumatic brain injury lawyer can help you secure the compensation you deserve.
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Traumatic brain injuries are sometimes referred to as an “invisible epidemic,” affecting over one million Americans every year. These injuries can have major impacts on victims, and many are left dealing with permanent disabilities. Few types of injury have greater potential to affect your quality of life.

If you’ve suffered a traumatic brain injury, you may feel like your struggles are invisible from the outside. The traumatic brain injury lawyers at Werner, Hoffman & Greig have your back. We understand how these injuries change lives, and we’re committed to defending the rights of those who suffer from TBIs.

What is a Traumatic Brain Injury?

When the head suffers an external force great enough to disrupt the normal functioning of the brain, this is known as a traumatic brain injury, or TBI. These can be either mild or serious and may cause a lasting impact on your physical, emotional, and cognitive health.

Traumatic brain injuries may result in primary injuries, which affect the victim immediately, or secondary injuries, which emerge later. The potential for complications down the line is one of the reasons that TBIs can be especially tricky to deal with.

Symptoms like nausea, blurred vision, or loss of consciousness could be signs of a TBI, and you should seek medical attention immediately. Even if you feel fine, it may still be a good idea, as symptoms can emerge later. Prompt medical attention can catch injuries before they worsen. If you believe another party is at fault for your injury, medical records will be crucial evidence if you decide to seek compensation.


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Causes of Traumatic Brain Injuries

Causes of traumatic brain injuries are diverse and vary between genders and age groups, but motor vehicle accidents, slip and falls, and workplace injuries are among the most common.

Motor Vehicle Accidents

According to the CDC, motor vehicle accidents are the primary cause of TBIs, particularly among younger Americans. Though modern cars have come a long way in terms of occupant safety, the forces involved in a collision are still considerable.

Slip and Falls

Slipping and falling is the primary cause of TBIs amongst the elderly. Reduced coordination can make navigating slippery or uneven surfaces difficult, and older Americans are more likely to have health conditions that may make traumatic brain injury symptoms worse.

Workplace Injuries

Workplace accidents often result in traumatic brain injuries, particularly in certain professions like construction and the military. 

It can be difficult to tell which head injuries need a few days at home and which need more intense treatment, and many workers end up returning to work too soon, resulting in further complications.

Other Personal Injury Accidents

Many other personal injury accidents can result in traumatic brain injuries, including:

  • Sports injuries
  • Explosive blasts 
  • Domestic violence

Whatever type of accident you suffered, consider getting in touch with a traumatic brain injury lawyer to see if you may be able to recover damages.

Negligence and Liability in Traumatic Brain Injury Lawsuits

If you believe another party is responsible for your TBI, you may be considering hiring a traumatic brain injury lawyer and filing a lawsuit. To secure compensation, you need to establish that the responsible party truly is liable for your damages, often by proving negligence on their part.

Negligence means they haven’t acted with the level of care that a reasonable person would make under the circumstances. There are four main criteria:

  • They had a duty to provide a certain level of care
  • They failed to uphold that duty
  • You suffered harm
  • That harm was caused by their actions

For example, a truck driver might be negligent if they’ve failed to follow safe driving practices, lost control of their vehicle, and injured you as a result.

Compensation and Recovery for TBI Victims

If you’ve suffered a traumatic brain injury, you may also be facing significant financial strain as a result. If your injury is the result of someone else’s negligence, you may be entitled to significant compensation. You can seek damages including:

Medical expenses:

The costs associated with treating your TBI, including hospitalization, surgery, rehabilitation, and any ongoing care.

Lost wages:

The income you’ve lost due to your inability to work after your TBI.

Pain and suffering:

Compensation for the physical and emotional pain you’ve suffered as a result of your TBI.

Emotional damages:

A unique category of damages that recognizes the long-term mental health impacts of TBIs, like depression and PTSD.

The Complexity of TBI Cases

The brain is an incredibly complex organ, and advances are still being made in the understanding and treatment of traumatic brain injuries. 

This means TBIs are also very complex to treat, not to mention expensive. This also makes lawsuits involving TBIs complex. Expert witnesses may be required to interpret dense medical records, and it can also be tricky to link secondary injuries to the original accident. 

That’s why you should work with a qualified traumatic brain injury lawyer who understands how to pursue a case. We can handle the complexity and secure the compensation you deserve.

How WHG Can Help You Get Back on Your Feet

If you or a loved one has suffered a traumatic brain injury, you already have a lot to deal with. Recovery can be a difficult process. The last thing you want to worry about is navigating the complexities of the legal system while pursuing a lawsuit. 

The traumatic brain injury lawyers at Werner, Hoffman, & Greig can take care of your case by:

  • Helping you understand your legal rights
  • Investigating your accident
  • Gathering evidence
  • Negotiating with insurance companies
  • Filing a lawsuit
  • Representing you in court

We will fight to defend your rights and secure the compensation you deserve, while you focus on your family and your recovery.

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Navigating through filing a claim can be challenging, but the experienced team at Werner, Hoffman & Greig is here to provide the guidance and support you need during this complex legal process.
How do I know if I have a valid legal claim for a traumatic brain injury?

With the complexity of traumatic brain injuries, it can be difficult to tell if you have a valid legal claim. The best way to check is by getting in touch with an experienced traumatic brain injury lawyer. We can evaluate your case and let you know how to proceed.

In general, you have about two years from the date of injury to file a TBI claim, though the specifics may vary from state to state. Other factors may affect the deadline as well, like if you’re a minor.

Your TBI settlement depends on the severity of your damages, like medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, or reduction in quality of life.


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