No Cut to Disability Benefits for Wealthy Veterans

The nation’s debt and its obligations are at the forefront of the news cycle and have been for the past several weeks. As politicians and agencies discussed how best to address a ballooning national debt and what Republicans decried as out-of-control spending, one proposal for reducing the deficit gained some negative attention from veterans and veterans advocacy groups.

The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) published a proposal for reducing the federal deficit by $253 billion over ten years. The proposal would call for the elimination of veterans’ disability benefits for those veterans making more than $170,000 per year.

VA Disability Benefits Are Not Based on Income 

When you apply for VA disability benefits, there are several circumstances and factors that the VA will take into consideration to determine your eligibility. Chief among these considerations is whether you do suffer from a physical or mental disability and whether that disability is connected to your military service. 

Likewise, there are factors that should not enter into the VA’s calculus. For instance, your race, ethnicity, sex, or marital status are not factors the VA can use to decide whether to award you benefits. If the VA were to consider these “forbidden factors” and denied claims based on them, it would be a scandal of epic proportions.

va signAnother factor that the VA cannot currently consider is your income. When you separate from the service and develop a disability, the amount of benefits you receive will take into account how disabling your condition is to you. The more the VA determines you cannot work, the higher the benefits payment you will receive. 

However, there is nothing in the law that prohibits a veteran receiving VA benefits from holding down employment. Even if you are rated at a 100% disability rating, you are still able to obtain work and still receive your benefits.

CBO’s Proposal Remains Just a Proposal

Thankfully, CBO’s proposal to reduce the deficit by restricting wealthier veterans from obtaining disability benefits does not appear to be going anywhere. The law surrounding VA disability benefits remains the same, meaning your eligibility for benefits or the amount of benefits you will receive does not depend on how much money you make.

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There can be plenty of questions about VA disability benefits, especially if you applied for benefits but received notice your claim was denied. Do not accept a denial as the final word in the matter. If you served your country and you developed a disabling condition as a result, you deserve VA disability benefits. When you have been denied the benefits you are owed, Valor Firm can help you get them.

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