OMG!!!! There is so much good to say about this firm!!!! I’ve been working on my own to get my disability rating and kept getting denied, even with countless evidence. Some of this was due to it being over a year since I left active duty. I HAD to get a lawyer to help. Originally this firm was merged with another firm and honestly, during that time my case was being neglected. After the de-merger, I decided to migrate with Werner, Hoffman, Greg & Garcia. I was paired with Melissa Medina and Michael Hoffman. They are definitely life changers. Melissa has been very communicative and very encouraging through this whole process. She’d call at the most random times with great news, just when I needed it most. Working with her and Hoffman, we were finally able to get me to 100% P&T!!!! This is one of my biggest wins. I can finally be compensated after years of suffering from injuries and other issues I’ve endured since joining active duty service. Overall my case has moved fairly quick. First I received 90% out the gate once Melissa began working with me. That decision was in July of 2023. After less than a year of continuing the fight, I was awarded 100% P&T. Thank you Melissa and Michael!! I’d highly recommend you to hire this firm to help with your VA disability claim. I’m confident that they will get the results you deserve after serving your country.

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