Since the Opening of this Law Firm the Legal Representation I have received has been nothing short of Extraordinary!!! My Legal Council is Heather Hartley / Samantha Stanard and together the two have fought with the VA to get the Disability and Back Pay Benefits that I am owed. I started this fight with the VA at 20% and I am currently at 100%. A number of challenges and denials were presented to us from the VA and because of the persistence, professionalism and overwhelming Legalese presented from my Team of Heather / Samantha to the VA we were able to overcome VA Objections to my claims. Furthermore, the relationship I have established with my Legal Team is huge and I value each and every conversation. I cannot thank them enough for their Continued Support, Guidance and Legal Expertise navigating the VA… I highly Encourage and Recommend this Law Firm for Veterans that are needing assistance with their VA Disability Benefits.

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