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Happy young couple shaking hands with their personal injury lawyer
Check out our expert tips on how to evaluate and identify the best personal injury lawyer for your specific claim.
Woman with her arm in a cast sitting in front of her laptop talking to a personal injury lawyer on the phone
After an accident, you may be encouraged to hire a personal injury attorney; in this article, we explain when and how a lawyer can help you.
Driver who is about to cause a pedestrian accident by hitting a person in a crosswalk
With rare exceptions, the primary causes of pedestrian accidents are attributable to drivers operating carelessly or under the influence.
Judge talks to two lawyers in a courtroom
Our team explains the circumstances when a car accident goes to court so you can get an idea of what comes next for your auto accident claim.
Semi truck on the side on the highway
Different types of truck accidents can inflict catastrophic or even fatal injuries on drivers, pedestrians, and other road users.
Uber driver holding a phone on their way to pick up a passenger
After an accident with an Uber or Lyft driver, check out our straightforward guide on how to handle a rideshare car accident.

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