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Anthony Akil

Practice Area: Veterans Disability Benefits

20+ Year Navy Vet
Driven Vet Advocate
Esteemed Attorney

Anthony Akil, an esteemed associate attorney at Werner, Hoffman, Greig & Garcia, brings a unique blend of military experience, cyber systems expertise, and legal acumen to his role in the firm. With a focus on representing veterans in their pursuit of VA Disability benefits, Anthony has dedicated his career to ensuring that those who served our country receive the recognition and support they deserve.

Educational Journey

Anthony’s educational background lays a solid foundation for his multifaceted career:

BA in Economics from the University of Washington (2010): This initial step in his higher education equipped him with a keen understanding of economic principles and analytical skills.

MS in Cyber Systems & Operations from the Naval Postgraduate School (2017): Here, Anthony deepened his expertise in cyber systems, preparing him for the challenges of modern warfare and security.

JD from California Western School of Law (2023): Anthony’s legal education honed his advocacy skills and solidified his commitment to serving veterans within the legal framework.

Professional Experience

Anthony’s distinguished 20-year career in the US Navy is marked by his progression from an enlisted serviceman to a commissioned officer in the Information Warfare community.

This experience ingrained him with a profound understanding of the challenges faced by military personnel, both in active service and afterward.

His time in the Navy, coupled with his education, uniquely positions him to navigate the complexities of VA Disability benefits law.

Legal Expertise

Specializing in VA Disability benefits, Anthony uses his personal insight into military service and his legal education to advocate for veterans. His dedication to veterans is driven by a deep respect for his fellow service members and a commitment to securing their rights and benefits.

Personal Life

Outside the office, Anthony has a beloved dog named Vinny who he loves spending time with. He is also dedicated to maintaining his physical fitness and is an amateur ping-pong player.

Commitment to Service

Anthony Akil’s role at Werner, Hoffman, Greig & Garcia is a testament to his enduring commitment to service, both in his military career and now in his legal practice. His unique background in cyber operations, combined with his legal expertise, makes him an invaluable advocate for veterans navigating the complexities of VA Disability claims.

At Werner, Hoffman, Greig & Garcia, we are proud to have Anthony as part of our team, where his dedication to service, exceptional legal skills, and personal integrity continue to make a significant impact on the lives of our clients and the broader veteran community.

Anthony is a VA Accredited Attorney.

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Anthony Akil’s 20-year career in the US Navy, moving from an enlisted serviceman to a commissioned officer in the Information Warfare community, gave him a deep understanding of military challenges. This background, combined with his legal education, uniquely equips him to navigate the complexities of VA Disability benefits law.

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