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Adam G. Werner

Practice Areas: Workers Compensation, Veterans Disability Benefits

Legal Trailblazer
Veteran Defender
Workers' Comp Warrior

Adam G. Werner is a key player on our team, working hard as the lead lawyer for our workers’ compensation department. He studied political science at the University of Florida and then earned his law degree at Nova Southeastern University.

Adam started his career at the State Attorney’s Office dealing with criminal cases. But soon, he realized he wanted to do more for the everyday worker and the veterans who served our country. That’s when he made the switch to civil law.

Today, Adam knows the ins and outs of Florida’s workers’ compensation and veterans’ disability laws like the back of his hand. He’s all about fair play and making sure justice is served. He’s dedicated to helping workers and veterans get what they deserve when they’re dealing with compensation or disability claims.

Adam is a VA Accredited Attorney.

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Adam G. Werner, a champion for the rights of workers and veterans, has dedicated his career to making a difference in the lives of those he represents. With a roster of esteemed recognitions and active memberships in multiple legal associations, he brings a wealth of expertise to every case he handles. Whether fighting for fair compensation for injured workers or advocating for the rights of veterans, Adam approaches each case with tenacity and a deep sense of commitment to justice.


Adam G. Werner is a dedicated and experienced attorney specializing in workers’ compensation, veterans' disability benefits, drugs and devices, and personal injury. He is known for his expertise in Florida's workers’ compensation and veterans' disability laws, and his commitment to ensuring justice for workers and veterans.

“We are committed to helping you rebuild your lives after hardship. We are not just your legal team — we are your allies, your partners, and your tireless advocates.

And for every fight we’re willing to take on, know this — We’re right there in the trenches with you.”


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