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Happy couple shaking hands with car accident lawyer after claim is settled
Familiarize yourself with actions you can take to protect your ability to maximize compensation in a car accident claim after a collision.
Florida Car Accident Statistics - WHG
Checkout the latest car accident statistics in Florida to stay updated on crash trends and numbers. Get insights into road safety with WHG.
Woman cries in front of her damages car after a t bone accident
The type of car accident you were involved in can have considerable implications for how you approach recovering compensation.
Truck driver talking on his radio
Recent truck accident statistics emphasize the threat that large commercial vehicles pose to other road users.
Lawyer delivers statement in a courtroom with a judge listening attentively
Sometimes it’s necessary to take a personal injury lawsuit to trial to recover fair compensation, but be prepared for a lengthy process.
Car Accident Injuries - Werner, Hoffman, Greig & Garcia
Here are the five most common car accident injuries and their effects on victims’ lives, such as financial, physical, and mental impacts.

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