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alcoholism in the US WHG
Alcohol consumption exploded during the COVID-19 pandemic. Now, there are more drunk driving accidents as a result.
Woman with a cast on her arm holding her head and crying because she is suffering from mental health issues after a car accident
The impact of car accidents on mental health has been widely studied; here’s what to know about seeking compensation & coping with trauma.
Woman holding her wrist in pain as she fills out a workers compensation claim for an accident that aggravated her pre-existing condition in her wrist
If your pre-existing condition was aggravated by an on-the-job-injury, filing a workers’ compensation claim is an option. Let WHG support you
Damaged car in the middle of the road after a hit and run accident
There are multiple options for injured car accident victims looking to pursue hit and run compensation, including Florida PIP coverage.
Young woman remote employee working from home with eye strain
Learn how work-from-home and remote employees are eligible for workers’ compensation benefits for injuries like carpal tunnel and back pain.
Stressed woman talking on the phone after a car accident
As auto accident lawyers we often help clients who made preventable mistakes after a car accident recover compensation for their damages.

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