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M Hoffman on Unaccredited VA ‘Consultants’ in David vs Goliath Podcast

David vs. Goliath podcast

In October, one of our main VA attorneys and partners, Michael Hoffman, joined the David vs. Goliath podcast with Matt Dolman and Stan Gipe of Dolman Law Group.

They discussed Michael’s reasons for entering the field of veterans’ disability law, the distinctions between veteran disability benefits and general disability benefits, and the importance of selecting a VA-accredited attorney instead of unaccredited VA “consultants” or “coaches” preying on injured vets.

They also talked about the importance of persistence in unlocking a maximum disability rating and how expertise can make all the difference.

Listen below!

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Adam Werner is a partner and practicing attorney at WHG. He specializes in personal injury cases, workers’ compensation claims, and veteran disability benefits. He routinely writes about personal injury and workers comp topics for the Werner, Hoffman, Greig & Garcia blog

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